Your Home’s Biggest Energy User…

Quick, guess the biggest energy hog in your house? Right, the air conditioner. It takes a lot of power to reverse heat. A build up of high temperature has to go somewhere and be replaced with fresh, cool air. That’s why it takes so much energy to cool your home or office building.

The unit that does all the work needs to be maintained properly so it can do its job efficiently. Without proper servicing, filter changes, and checkups, your air conditioner will start to cost more than it would have if you had spent a little in upkeep. The degraded output of your air conditioner will end up costing more in the long run. Month after month of less and less performance adds up quickly. Not only that, but some units have been in a dysfunctional condition for years, producing higher costs and less efficiency. Having your HVAC system serviced regularly is a sound investment. Now is the best time to call on Charlotte Comfort Systems to conduct a preventive maintenance checkup.

Timing Is Of The Essence.

Now is a great time for conducting an HVAC checkup What this really means is that professional technicians are available this time of year to provide you the necessary maintenance service that will ultimately save you money. A reality check reveals that when any type of service is in great demand, premium prices must be paid. However, like most service businesses, HVAC companies will offer good rates to provide loyal customers with cost saving checkups.

Some things you can do include- filter changes. Once a month is a good rule of thumb. If you live in an area where extra pollen, dust, animal hair, and dander accumulate, change the filter more than once a month. Check outside for trees and plants that might be contributing to energy drain through shade, lack of shade, and obstructing vents and windows.

Grass thatch, leaves and sticks, birds nests, tree limbs, can all cause problems with the proper flow of air and the most efficient maintenance of temperatures. Taking an overall perspective of the systems that work together, your professional service technician will consider the variables after weighing all the factors that will make a difference. Your comfort is imprtant and so is your budget.

It’s a good idea to have a professional come out and do a service call. This should be on a regular basis as part of your smart homeowners to-do list. It most areas, there will come a day when the temperatures are extreme and you will be thankful for your controlled climate. During an inspection and service call, the specialist will look at the entire system including the ductwork. Considerations include the building size in relation to the unit doing the cooling work, number of rooms, and general ventilation – air flow. It makes sense to keep your comfort machines up to date and in good working order. The savings add up and the lifestyle enhancement is well worth it.

Charlotte Air Conditioning is done right by Charlotte Comfort Systems, serving the area with expert HVAC installation, service and repair. When you need a controlled climate and energy savings including solar, contact  HVAC Charlotte NC.