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SL280V Variable Speed Gas Furnace

The SL280V is designed to deliver cozy and reliable warmth, while keeping operating sounds at a minimum. It's also engineered to perform at peak efficiency, so you can enjoy substantial energy savings compared to an older system.


80% AFUE heating efficiency rating can save you hundreds of dollars each year, compared to older furnaces
Dual-fuel capability can be combined with an electric heat pump to create a dual-fuel system. This combination minimizes heating costs by seamlessly alternating between the two energy sources, depending on outdoor conditions.
Sealed blower compartment minimizes losses and maximizes efficiency and comfort
The quietest furnace in its class2 up to 4-1/2 times quieter than competitive models
Special sound-absorbing materials further reduce sound for even quieter operation
Two-stage operation provides more even temperatures in your home
Variable speed technology delivers greater humidity control and consistent airflow for improved comfort and indoor air quality

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