Oil Furnace vs. Gas Furnace


Oil furnaces cost less than gas furnaces and also provide more heat per BTU. Oil is not explosive, unlike gas, and the chance of carbon monoxide entering your home is next to zero. With proper maintenance, oil furnaces can last up to 30 years. With today’s technology, oil furnaces have reduced overall emissions to almost nothing. Some of the cons with oil-fired furnaces include:
– More maintenance due to soot and dirt buildup.
– Oil must be delivered and an onsite storage tank is required.
– Oil furnaces are less efficient than gas furnaces.
At Charlotte Comfort Systems, we carry and install oil furnaces like the LENNOX ELO183
Gas furnaces may cost more, but they have higher energy efficiency ratings (up to 98 percent AFUE). As time goes by, you can make up for the higher costs with energy savings. Gas furnaces are easy to maintain and have an average life of 25 years with proper maintenance. Gas is also a clean-burning fuel. The boom in natural gas drilling has kept natural gas prices stable and low. Over 50 percent of American homes use natural gas for their primary heating source. At Charlotte Comfort Systems, we are proud to carry and install natural gas furnaces like the LENNOX ML180
Deciding whether to go with gas or oil is really a personal choice. Contact us at 704-366-1661 and our experts will help you make the right choice!