Leaky Ducts Cause Poor Charlotte AC Performance

Many residents have invested big dollars in expensive air conditioning systems to meet cooling demands during Charlotte’s hot summer months. But, many customers complain that their system does not provide desired levels of comfort run even after paying high utility bills. The pure, unadulterated fact is they are telling the truth. The cause for most incidents of low Charlotte air conditioning performance is leaky ducts.

Leaky ducts are the number one source for poor performance issues. The AC unit’s ducts are the conduits carrying conditioned air. But, unlike leaky water pipes that leave dramatic evidence, air duct leaks can rarely be noticed. When they do leak, cool air escapes from the system wherever the leak occurs and typically in attic areas where it is extremely hot during summer time.

The main cause for duct leaks is poor installation. Charlotte HVAC ducts are made from sheet metal. This is an excellent material for moving air about but the problem is found in how its seams, fittings and joints are created. When not sealed properly, these are the culprit areas where conditioned air escapes from the system causing the reported poor performance. Imbalanced systems producing areas of high pressure meeting areas of low pressure in the ductwork lead to costly leaks.

A system’s fittings and seams need to be properly sealed. Way too often these are loose during initial unit installation or due to improper workmanship. Owners never realize the system is not properly functioning and often chalk up the poor performance to the dreaded, formidable Charlotte summer heat. Additionally, when repairs are initialized, use of duct tape can be the instigator for more system leakage.

It might sound like sacrilege or irony, but what the general public refers to as “duct tape” doesn’t work on Charlotte air conditioning units. This type of tape dries up fairly quickly. In fact, within six months of being applied it will typically fail. Sure, use of tape may get a homeowner through one hot, summer season, but when the next arrives, the system will again leak causing more discomfort and increased operating costs. Mastic sealant is the preferred product to seal ductwork which will allow the cool air to stay inside of the ductwork and not allow infiltration of the unwanted air.