Keeping Humidity Relative

"Heating & Air Conditioning" is about as broad a term as I can imagine. That's why as a contractor in this field, I have made the conscious effort to separate Charlotte Comfort Systems from the pack by offering custom, well-thought-out solutions for our customers instead of offering one-size-fits-all solutions. As a business you have to determine your place in the market, whether you want to specialize in new construction, replacements in existing homes or even commercial/industrial applications. We have excelled in the existing home replacements market from the beginning by looking at the bigger picture and not doing what is always the easiest but what is in our customer’s best interest.

Comfort can be a challenging thing to explain, because you only realize the lack of it when it is not present. Geographically speaking, the biggest factor influencing summer-time comfort in the Southeast is not the heat, but rather the oppressive humidity. Fortunately, the experts at Charlotte Comfort Systems excel at providing solutions to control indoor humidity regardless of climate. We accomplish this by taking the time to perform load calculations and assess air circulation in order to provide well-designed and properly engineered HVAC and Indoor Air Quality systems that will offer years of energy savings and home comfort.

Controlling the humidity in your home is not as easy as it may sound, but by utilizing the results of our load calculations and having the equipment and controls to accomplish it; we will make you extremely comfortable in your home. To learn more or to schedule an in-home air quality assessment, feel free to contact us today.