It’s Time For Charlotte Air Conditioning

Have you turned on your air conditioner yet?

Early spring is a time when you could run your heat one day and the air conditioner the next depending on the weather.

If you click on your air conditioner and nothing happens, here are four steps you can take to trouble-shoot the problem:

1. Check the circuit breaker. If the A/C circuit breaker is turned OFF, click it to ON and wait a few minutes. If the A/C does not come on and the breaker has clicked back to the OFF position, give us a call.

Replacing fuses in the circuit breaker can intimidate the average person.

If the replacement is not done properly an electrical surge could short out the lights, appliances or even start a fire.

2. Check the batteries: If you have a digital thermostat, check the batteries. It may be time to change them.

3. Check the drain pipe for clogs or leaks. By flushing the pipe, it can reset the system. If a drain line has a clog there will be little or no water draining outside. The water will pool into the drip pan under the air conditioner condenser and may overflow. If there are leaks or cracks, give us a call to have the pipe replaced.

4. Check the filter. Is it clear? If not, it’s time to change it. The return air shaft is usually located in the same area as your thermostat. The filter compartment is normally covered by a strip of metal that slides in and out of place. The size is noted on the side and appears in inches such as 16×24 or similar sizes. You’ll want to change the filter a minimum of every three months.

Keeping your system up to date is simple to do. We offer services that cover maintenance as well as additional HVAC needs. The hottest day of the year is fast approaching. Don’t be left out in the –HEAT. call us for expert service to keep your unit working properly.

Repairs for a neglected system will cost you more than maintaining your system. Spring is the best time to have your system serviced in order to avoid costly repairs down the road.