HVAC Charlotte NC Summer Bearing Down

Do Not Wait For Summer To Schedule Your Charlotte HVAC Checkup.
If you want to save money, you need to be a proactive homeowner. Too many homeowners react to maintenance situations around the house when a breakdown occurs. There’s no secret that very few homeowners conduct a roof inspection until water is dripping on their heads. The same holds true for maintaining a properly working HVAC unit. Typically,

when it starts getting hot under the collar (and elsewhere) a call gets made to a service tech to come and help. Unfortunately, the bulk of these calls do come during Charlotte’s hot summer months. Every effort is made by Charlotte Comfort Systems to respond as quickly as possible. Yet, when the heat soars higher than triple digits and you and your family suffer, there is no such thing as a quick response when you are miserable.

Do Some HVAC ‘Spring Cleaning’Avoid paying an arm and a leg to keep your body cool during the long, hot Charlotte summer months by conducting a bit of HVAC “spring cleaning.” A preventive maintenance checkup will include a total unit inspection – inside and outside – giving the entire unit a thorough look. All the dust, grime and debris that has accumulated during the past year gets wiped away. If you have religiously been changing filters throughout the year, you will be well ahead of the maintenance curve. You should be conducting this at least monthly. A spring cleaning also includes a thorough thermostat check to make sure it is operating properly.

Spring Checkup is Sound Practice Investing in a spring HVAC checkup is a sound practice. Paying dearly for expensive summer time repairs can be avoided. Additionally, summer is such a busy season. This produces an always-on-the-rush state of mind during summer, obviously the busiest time of the year for HVAC.

Save money, save time and ward off all that stress you will suffer unless you adopt an “off-season” checkup schedule that can keep you cool all summer long.