Home Energy Audits Make The Home More Efficient

If you are ever wondering just how efficient your Charlotte HVAC unit might be, conducting a home energy audit can be your first move. Conducting an audit will reveal the needed data for making an assessment of how much energy your house is using. This will allow you to make a thorough evaluation determining what efforts are needed to improve overall efficiency. The point about conducting a home energy audit is that the assessment alone never saves you money. Implementing all recommended improvements will be the plan for reducing your utility bills while increasing your comfort levels for enjoying life in your home all year long. There is a possibility to perform a simple audit on your own. You can hire a professional to conduct a more comprehensive, in-depth audit that might reveal more areas that, when acted upon, lead to additional savings.

Doing An Energy Audit on Your Own

In order to conduct a do-it-yourself home energy audit, you will need to have your last year’s utility bills handy. Grab the Home Energy Yardstick from ENERGY STAR to make comparisons to houses similar to yours. ENERGY STAR, it is a program jointly run by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. The goal is to provide help and assistance so citizens can save money on energy purchases while protecting the environment. Also gather some other basic info such as the home age, number in the family living full-time at the location, zip code and house square footage. You also need to know your energy source such as electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, coal, propane, kerosene or wood.

Does it Help?

Sure it does. Through the use of home energy audits, Americans saved enough energy in 2010 alone avoiding the emissions from more than 33 million vehicles while realizing a savings on utility bills of a staggering $18 billion.

Get More Detailed Information

Saving money, deep money, on operating your Charlotte heating and air conditioning unit can be made possible through hiring a professional to conduct your home energy audit providing a greater in-depth assessment.