Cost Savings From Properly Sealed Ductwork

Now that you’ve learned about your Charlotte air conditioning duct leakage and why, where and how it leaks, you may be interested in understanding what type of cost savings you can realize once making sure your ducts are properly sealed. Proper sealing of any air conditioning ductwork also includes making sure they are insulated correctly. This is important especially for those sections of the duct that travels through non-heated or non-cooled portions of the house.

Homeowners will realize that they can lose about 30 percent of the energy needed to either cool or heat a room, or the entire house for that matter, if the system’s ductwork is not properly sealed and correctly insulated. One of the areas found suspect in many homes is where ductwork runs through either a basement or attic area that is not supplied with conditioned air.

If beginning with the assumption that energy usage can be reduced when heating a home by up to 25 percent through properly sealed and insulated ductwork, the average amount that can annually be saved might be anywhere from $40 to $100. An important understanding that escapes many homeowners is that properly sealed and insulated ductwork not only prevents homeowners from heating the outdoors during wintertime, but will not allow that comforting cool air to escape out into a hot summer day.

Once the system has been worked on and its performance has improved, the corrected and properly sealed and insulated ductwork will have an overall effect upon the life of your HVAC unit. If you’re like most homeowners in the area, your Charlotte heating and air conditioning system is a substantial investment as well as an essential tool for comfortable living. Properly sealed and insulated ductwork will extend the life of your investment, thus saving you costly repairs or replacements at an inopportune moment where you really don’t need the added stress of another financial commitment.

There is a method for obtaining an exact number showing you just how much you save with corrected ductwork. Contact your Charlotte HVAC professional at Charlotte Comfort Systems to conduct a home energy audit.