Choosing The Best Heating System For Your Home

Ed knew there were various ways to heat his house. What he didn’t know was, “what’s the BEST way to heat the home and save money?”

So, Ed did some research and found confusing answers. Some experts say “go gas”, while others say ” electric”, and still others are sold on solar. Ed picked up the phone and called his neighbor John, who had recently had a new heating unit installed in his home. The two talked and John described his own experience working with a local heating and air conditioning company.

John made sense when he said that a local company knows the climate better than anyone else, they also know the cost efficiency of all kinds of heating and air conditioning units. If you save money here, you might lose money there, so be careful to balance all the elements and carefully consider the options. Ed said he might just do what John did.

Ed learned that few heating sources can combine cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and a clean, reliably consistent heat like natural gas. He also learned that, even though the costs have been going up, gas is still a cost effective source of fuel. There are also plenty of other home uses for this source of fuel, such a gas logs, and water heaters.

Weighing the alternatives- electric, gas, solar, Ed came up with a plan that made sense for his individual situation. He knew that it is important to ‘think for yourself’ and not just do what his neighbor had done. While Ed’s plan ended up being similar to John’s it was customized for his specifics.

So Ed made the call and the experts came out for an estimate. It was easy and painless. They talked about gas, electric, solar, and geothermal. They also talked about the new tankless hot water heaters that give instant hot water when you need it. Ed also asked about outdoor heaters for the patio.

Ed got a lot of good information and decided to go with a particular unit that matched his family’s needs, the local climate, seasonal requirements, and overall cost.

The company Ed called? Charlotte Comfort Systems.