Charlotte Heating And Air Welcomes Fall

It’s Fall: Is Your Heating System Ready to Perform?

October is off to a warm start, but rest assured the trees are gearing up for their annual show of color and the squirrels are hiding their last batch of nuts for winter. In the coming weeks, the jackets will emerge from the back of your closet and Halloween costumes will take over store shelves.

This is the perfect month for bonfires, hay rides and camping trips. It is also perfect timing to contact us, your Charlotte heating and air conditioning service, for a maintenance check on your heating system.

We will all enjoy a few more warm days, but before you know it, the air conditioning will turn off and the windows will open for those last few days of cool fall weather. Then you will wake up with a chill and decide to turn on the heat. What happens when you flip that switch to heat depends on the age and condition of your system. How well you have maintained your system plays a critical part in its functioning as well.

Will You Need Your Snow Boots?

According to the Almanac, winter in Charlotte will be a bit colder than usual this year. We will get our fair share of snow, but otherwise you can look forward to dry, cold air.

If any member of your household suffers from asthma or you are concerned about poor air quality spreading germs around your home, our Charlotte heating and air conditioning professionals can help. When your HVAC system is up-to-date, fully functional, and well maintained, your quality of air will improve. You may also want to consider a more advanced filtration system to eliminate allergens in your air as much as possible. Air purifiers may help as well.


Enjoy screaming for the Panthers or your team of choice before the players exit the field. Enjoy the green grass because your lawn mower will soon return to the shed for winter’s rest. Enjoy the views of trees topped with leaves before those leaves take a final bow to the cold season. Mostly, enjoy the warm weather and the cool weather to come. We look forward to a great Fall.