Charlotte Heating and Air Tips Winter 2014

Cold Weather Tip-

Heating your home also means you need to be aware of the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning. Oil and gas heaters are known to be involved in more of these kinds of problems. Be safe. Replace the batteries in both your carbon monoxide AND smoke detector.Test both devices to be sure they are working properly.

The pros here at Charlotte Comfort Systems want you and your family to be comfortable and healthy all winter.

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Duct systems can look fine on the outside but still be faulty. Did you know – Leaking duct connections can be a hazard to your health – Breaks or openings in duct systems can pick up particles of insulation, gases, and other fumes from household chemicals and dust. These particles will be deposited inside your house and cause unhealthy air.

Many typical duct systems lose up to 40% of the heating and cooling energy output from the central furnace. If your home’s ductwork is protected by a basement or other structure, the system will lose less energy. Some other duct systems, especially those in attics can lose the most energy during hot weather .

Our service professionals will visually inspect your duct system for cracks, tears, and holes. If you or family members have been having symptoms of bad air, tell us and we will inspect the system, especially in areas with known problems. We have techniques that help us determine where the duct problems are located. We can estimate the energy loss and provide repair recommendations.

Keep Heat In And Cold Out!
Your home should be toasty warm all winter. Here are some tips-

One-Consider modifications in your attic. These techniques can help circulate warm air throughout the house. Attic tents and fans can make a measureable difference.
Two– Seal Cracks and Openings – Well sealed windows and doors are a must. Use caulk and weather stripping to help hold the heat in and keep the cold winds out.
Three– Protect your water pipes- If a pipe carries water, it could freeze. Wrap exposed pipes with insulation materials to keep them protected.
Four– Get a Hot Water Heater Jacket. – Special insulation blankets for hot water heaters will help save energy. Heat loss from these can be substantial, so bundle them up for exta smart savings.

Contact Charlotte Comfort Systems for regular maintenance and enjoy your home and family.