Charlotte Heating and Air – Comfort and Joy for The Holidays

Your family’s comfort during the Holidays is at the top of your list… and ours.

But staying comfortable month after month does not happen automatically. It takes effort to keep things running smoothly. To help you stay on track we offer a furnace inspection for just $89.

We will clean, service , and inspect your furnace no matter what brand. Stay in control of your family’s comfort by maintaining your HVAC unit each year. We will make sure your furnace is operating efficiently from top to bottom. We will also talk with you about high efficiency furnaces and the best way to keep comfortable affordably.

Our reputation is built on good service, quality products, and integrity. We have resisted opportunities to add on extra services such as water proofing and pest control. We do one thing – HVAC, that is our expertise.  By saying no to other add-one’s like pest control, we can focus on the one thing we do best. Compare our service to others and we think you’ll agree that we really do offer the best. As a matter of fact- If you find any other company who will give you the same unit for less cost, we will give you $100.

Heating and cooling your home is a topic you probably do not think about every day, but we do. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers-

Should I get a programmable thermostat?

If your family is out of the house for extended periods of time, a programmable thermostat can add efficiency and save money. Set you system to fluctuate by about 5 to 10 degrees when you are not home or while sleeping. Long weekends can add up over time and your home  energy efficiency can easily improve. We recommend that you contact us about installing a programmable thermostat for best results and a solid warranty.

My upstairs temperature is often different from downstairs. What can I do?

Air flow is usually the only cause of temperature differences. We will be glad to talk with you about the air flow challenges that cause one part of the house to be too hot or cold. Better circulation can fix these problems. We can design a solution that will be both economical and pleasing to you and your family. Your local power company can also do an energy audit of your home to help you make an informed decision.

What causes a moldy smell coming from vents?

These smells are generally the result of ducts that either need cleaning or are in need of repair. If there is water or condensation forming, the resulting ‘smell’ can get your attention and should be fixed.

Does Charlotte Comfort Systems offer payment plans?
Yes, we have various ways to pay. Just call us at 704-366-1661
Toll-free: 888-­366-1662