Do You Know What A Heat Pump Does?

September 17, 2012

Everyone in the area knows what a Charlotte heating and air conditioning unit does. But what about a heat pump? This is an extremely energy-efficient device that produces in-house, year-round comfort. It transfers warmth either to the inside or outside according to the season.

Troubleshooting Your Heating And Air Conditioning Unit

September 10, 2012

There goes that click again. The circuit breaker for your air conditioning unit has just tripped – again. You have made several trips to the circuit breaker box. Let’s face it – the breaker is tripping for some reason. This is why it trips. Something is wrong and a tripped breaker protects the wiring and equipment as well as the entire house. Otherwise, instead of making a call to your HVAC Charlotte area professional, you’d be calling the fire department.

Cost Savings From Properly Sealed Ductwork

September 3, 2012

Now that you’ve learned about your Charlotte air conditioning duct leakage and why, where and how it leaks, you may be interested in understanding what type of cost savings you can realize once making sure your ducts are properly sealed. Proper sealing of any air conditioning ductwork also includes making sure they are insulated correctly. This is important especially for those sections of the duct that travels through non-heated or non-cooled portions of the house.

Is A Ductless Air Conditioning Unit A Wise Choice?

August 27, 2012

One of the great benefits derived from installing a ductless air-conditioning unit is it is virtually noiseless. Engineers spent a great deal of grey matter coming up with this new technology so the noise emitted from a ductless air-conditioning unit is as quiet, if not more so, than a church.

How And Where To Check For Duct Leaks

August 20, 2012

Now that you know how important it is to prevent leaky Charlotte air conditioning ducts, you’ll need to be able to understand how and where to check for leaks. The very simple answer is that you will discover that air will naturally find its way through any type of material if it is not airtight. This is due to the fact that circulating air is always looking for both a balance in pressure as well as temperature.

Home Energy Audits Make The Home More Efficient

August 13, 2012

If you are ever wondering just how efficient your Charlotte HVAC unit might be, conducting a home energy audit can be your first move. Conducting an audit will reveal the needed data for making an assessment of how much energy your house is using. This will allow you to make a thorough evaluation determining what efforts are needed to improve overall efficiency.

Tips for Eco-Friendly Air Conditioning

August 6, 2012

The air conditioner helps provides the comfort zone your home needs during warm weather. Unfortunately, our Charlotte heating and air experience shows that a powerful air conditioner may not be the most eco-friendly appliance. Statistics show that during the summer months, air conditioning can generate as much as 14 percent of the electricity bill.

Leaky Ducts Cause Poor Charlotte AC Performance

July 6, 2012

Many residents have invested big dollars in expensive air conditioning systems to meet cooling demands during Charlotte’s hot summer months. But, many customers complain that their system does not provide desired levels of comfort run even after paying high utility bills. The pure, unadulterated fact is they are telling the truth.

Charlotte Heating Up For Summer

June 27, 2012

Keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summertime is a big job! Did you know that ventilating your attic can save you money on air-conditioning costs?

Allowing hot air to escape through proper attic ventilation can bring the attic temperature down by as much as 30°!

Avoid the Summertime Blues With Incredible Savings from York

May 1, 2012

With warmer months just around the corner, many Charlotte area homeowners are likely to soon be faced with one of the most dreaded scenarios of home ownership – a broken Air Conditioner. Aside from the physical discomfort that comes with a poor or non-functioning home cooling system, the prospect of costly repairs or system replacement can also put a big strain on your wallet.