Benefits of Dual Fuel Furnace Systems

dual fuel furnaceTraditional heat pumps have been conditioning homes in our area for quite some time with mixed levels of user satisfaction. Heat pump systems normally use electric resistance heaters as the secondary source of comfort and can be rather costly when temperatures reach below freezing, as the heat pump unit itself becomes far less efficient as the outdoor temperature decreases. A dual fuel or hybrid system gives the user the best option to keep their home comfortable at far lower operating costs and gives greater peace of mind when opening your monthly utility statements. Install a dual fuel heat pump to your existing furnace and it will act like a high efficiency air conditioner during the summer months and also provide an inexpensive primary source of heat during the fall and winter months. Once temperatures reach below freezing, the dual fuel heat pump will tell the furnace to turn on and the heat pump will turn off so you will stay comfortable and save money no matter what time of year it is.

Installing a dual fuel heat pump might be a little more expensive than installing a new Air Conditioner but a dual fuel heat pump will can pay for itself in just a few short years with the instant savings you will see on your utility bills. In addition, there are huge State and Federal HVAC tax credits currently available. These tax credits will expire soon so contact Charlotte Comfort Systems today for a free consultation to see if a dual fuel heat system is the right choice for your home comfort needs.