Air Conditioner Summer Checklist

When the temperatures start to rise, you want to make sure that your comfort system is operating as efficiently as possible. Here is a list of things you can do around the house to make sure that you stay cool during the summer.

 Change Your Filters – Dirty filters really do lower the performance of your AC unit. When the filter gets dirty and starts to restrict airflow, it leads to a system pressure drop. This sets off a chain reaction in the internal components and ultimately causes your system to work harder to reach the settings on your thermostat. Plan on changing the filters every 90 days, or more often if you have pets.

 Clean Your Condenser Coils – Usually located in your system’s outdoor unit, the condenser coils can become coated over time with dust, leaves, pet hair, and grass clippings, etc. This hinders performance since the condenser’s job is to transfer heat from indoors, allowing the refrigerant to work properly. Use a soft bristled brush and a hose or pressure washer to clean the coils yourself. Also, you may want to trim and branches or bushes surrounding your outdoor unit.

 Clearing The Condensate Drain Line – Over time, and without proper maintenance, drain lines may become clogged. This forces collected water back inside the unit, which can lead to considerable water damage around your home. To prevent these backups, flush out the drain line with a little bit of bleach. This will also kill off any mold starting to grow.

 Be Mindful of Doors and Windows –  Make sure all your doors and windows leading outdoors are closed during extreme temperatures. Check the seals around windows and doors for any leaks. Any windows facing South should be shaded during the day.

 Professional Preventative Maintenance – Here at Charlotte Comfort Systems, we recommend that you get your HVAC units inspected at least once a year. Our professionals will inspect your filters, refrigerant levels, and air pressure, among other checks. This type of routine maintenance will extend the life of your system considerably.

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