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Charlotte Comfort Systems proudly offers the Solar Cool Solar Thermal Air Conditioning system by Sendna Aire.  This state of the art high efficiency two stage air conditioning system is integrated with a Proprietary Solar Thermal Collector Panel, delivering the most energy efficient air conditioning to your home.


How it WorksSolarCoolCharlotte

By “Super Heating” the refrigerant with the aid of the Solar Collector, the system is able to increase the temperature difference between the condenser coil and the ambient temperature.  By creating this difference, the system is able to utilize the entire coil face at the condenser which allows for a better heat exchange throughout the entire system.

With a greater heat exchange, it’s possible to not only reduce the temperature in the conditioned space but also maintain better humidity control which makes the space more comfortable at a higher temperature…in addition your air conditioning unit doesn’t run as long and cycles less.

These Thermal Collection plates have proven to work great in areas like North Carolina where warmer weather makes up the majority of our year.


Tax Incentives

Currently most  home owners can take advantage of a 30%  Federal Tax Credit until December 31st, 2016.

Due to current tax incentives and overall efficiency savings, now is a perfect time to consider replacing or upgrading your current heating and cooling system with a new energy efficient solar system from Charlotte Comfort Systems.

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