HVAC Maintenance

Would you drive a car year after year without ever changing the oil or taking it to a mechanic for a tune-up? Probably not. Like your car, your Heating and Air Conditioning Systems must be maintained in order to run efficiently and dependably. In the Carolinas, your HVAC units should each be inspected once a year. Regular heating and cooling check-ups allow a technician to identify and repair or provide routine maintenance for minor problems before they become major problems.

Your heating and cooling system is no different than your expensive car. Your gas furnace, your oil furnace, your heat pump, your central air conditioners, commercial heating and ac units all require regular maintenance to get the most performance and longest life from your system.

Proper maintenance may add years to the life of your units’ major components. It also enables your heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and more dependably.
We recommend a Heating System Check-Up each summer before the cold of fall and winter arrive, and a Cooling System Check-Up each spring to ensure proper performance in warm weather months. A thorough analysis of your system can uncover a potentially serious problem before it happens and save you major inconvenience and costly repair. For fast, thorough and professional service or routine maintenance for your exisiting system, call the experts at Charlotte Comfort Systems today.

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